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Operations Related-

  1. Container Operations- Dammam Port plays a vital role in serving the world markets with over 20 shipping lines and more than 14 weekly services connecting Dammam port to the World.

At SGPC we provide state of art container handling facility to the Customers with 2 containers berths equipped with 6 Super Post Panamax Cranes with outreach of 22 rows wide for Container handling at wharf to cater to the world’s largest container vessels. The Container Operations include Loading on Vessel, Discharge from Vessel, Container Inspection Facility, Stuffing, Stripping, Examination, X Ray etc.

These Operations are supported by latest container handling equipment’s and fully automated Terminal Operating System COSMOS.

  2. Reefer Operations- At SGPC we provide state of art Refrigerated Cold Storage facility of 1570 square meters and temperature range of -25* C to +12* C, LCL containers are shifted to this area stripped, stored, examined and delivered to Consignee. Reefer Operations is supported with 1000 reefer plugs at Yard

CFS Operations- Container Freight  Station provides an array of services based on the customers’ requirements which include:

    • LCL (Less than Container Load)
    • FCL Un-stuffing/ Stuffing
    • Rework/ Consolidation Operations
    • Cross Stuffing
    • Weight Reduction of Containers
    • Export Stuffing
    • Storage -Open/ Covered
    • Delivery of Cargo

3. Rail Operations- SGP has 3 Rail sidings for handling of Riyadh Bound Import Containers, containers are shifted to Rail Area after discharging for Rail Loading, and Containers loaded on Wagons on FIFO basis and BL wise for faster clearance at Riyadh.

4. Empty Storage Operations- SGPC also supports storage of Import empty returned containers. Shipping Lines can request the loading back of the empty containers on Vessel .

IT Related-

1. EDI message exchange- The Terminal Operating System COSMOS has fully integrated EDI module that generates and auto delivers EDIs through email to our customers. This included following UN EDIFACT EDIs:

      • COARRI
      • CODECO
      • BAPLIE

Also the Import/Export EDIs uploaded by Ship Agents to Saudi EDI, a government based nationwide EDI system, are uploaded to Terminal operating system by our Planning department without the need for manual data entry. This ensures data accuracy and faster data availability in our TOS for operational planning.

2. Online Truck Appointment Management System

After the implementation of Truck Appointment System, trucking companies now are able to create the truck appointment for a given time slots either to Pick up or drop off the container at the Terminal.

This helps to reduce long queues at the Gates and also reduces information processing times and facilitates a more efficient allocation of personnel. Trucks arrives as per appointment  when needed and benefit from faster processing and reduced waiting times thereby improving customer satisfaction and productivity for both trucking companies and terminal operator.

3. CCTV- Entire SGPC Terminal facility is under 24 hour CCTV monitoring thereby improving the safety , security & integrity of Cargo

4. Berthing Report- On line tracking of Vessel Berthing schedule for Customers & Port users

“To provide one-step logistics solutions to our customers.”

Container Berths
2 Berths good to berth 2 mainline vessels, 4 berths post Expansion.

Quay Length
700 meters for first phase, 1200 meters post Expansion .

Area in Hectares
45 hectares for first phase, 75 hectares post Expansion

 Maximum Draft alongside at Chart Datum
-16 meters 

Designed Capacity
0.9 million TEUS, 1.8 million TEUS post expansion

Cold Storage
Area- 1570 Sq Mtrs Temperatures-, -25*C to +12*C. 

 Rubber Tire Gantry
19 TGPC RTGs, SWL of 40 MTS & stacking capacity of 6 + 1

 Prime Movers
45 TERBERG Prime Movers , SWL- 65 MTS 

 Hazardous Facility
Area- 1006 Sq Mtrs 

 Reach Stackers
6 SANY Reach stackers, SWL of 45 MTS

 Reefer plugs
1000 reefer plugs for reefer cargo 

 Empty Container Handler
3 SANY MTY handlers, SWL- 10 MTS, Stacking Height- 16.5 Meters

 Rail Facility
3 X 1300 meters dedicated Rail sidings integrated with Yard for faster turn around

 Container Freight Station
Area- 2720 Sq Mtrs Covered area- 1820 Sq mtrs Open area- 900 Sq Mtrs 

 Quay Crane
6 Super Post Panamax ZPMC Quay cranes, SWL of 65 MTS & Outreach of 22 rows 

Fork Lifts

  • Saudi Global Ports

    Management Team

  • Abdulla Mohammed Al Zamil

    Chairman of Board of Director

  • Edward Tah


  • Peter Ford


  • Muhammed Nasser Al-Dawood


  • Micheal Anthony Formoso


  • Wan Chee Foong


  • Kwong Wai Yan


youtubevideoSaudi global ports Saudi Arabia’s new shining star, a joint-venture company, Saudi global port LLC (SGPC),formed between the public investment fund (PIF) of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and PSA international (PSA) will develop, operate and manage the second container terminal in the king Abdul Aziz port in Dammam, a key gateway on the Arabian Gulf. The SGP terminal will be equipped with the latest equipment and technology to serve the fast growing economy of the kingdom and the regional economies of Arabian peninsula and transform Dammam into a preferred port of call. Being the biggest port in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is ideally located close to the kingdom’s economic heart and capital city Riyadh, and linked by an existing railway network and excellent highways to the rest of the country.

Thank you for your interest in working with Saudi Global Ports.
We are looking for talented port experience individuals to join our growing company.
At SGP we offer in-house training programmes and exciting career development opportunities ranging from supervisory roles to, middle management and practical roles operations and engineering departments.
 SGP’s goal is to create a workforce of career-driven and committed team, who work together to achieve impressive milestones. We seek passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players, who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a growing organization. As a customer focused company, we also look for people with a passion for delivering excellent customer service to our valued customers.

If you believe you have the skills and experience to enhance our team, please click on the button below Employment Application” to submit your CV and personal information.
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Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
King Abdul Aziz Port – Dammam 
T : +966 13 510 3750  
F : +966 13 510 3761
Email :  sgpc-commercial@globalpsa.com

Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
King Abdul Aziz Port – Dammam 
T : +966 13 510 3750  
F : +966 13 510 3761
Email :  sgpc-commercial@globalpsa.com

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